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DW1288 - Power BI - Sênior


Selecionamos para empresa de tecnologia da informação localizada no Canadá


About the area:

Our customer, a large multinational industrial group, today has a program called “BI Convergence”, which covers a continuous stream of BI projects. The program started in 2019 and is planned to continue until 2022. In January 2021, they are starting a series of 6 BI projects in parallel. The team is not necessarily allocated to a specific project, they are a pool of highly specialized resources that participate in multiple projects concurrently. The use of BI at the company is very high, and the business users are very familiar with, and make constant use of the tools. This is not a short-term allocation; the company’s intention is to keep the good resources onboard for the long term.


Soft skills:

Be able to comunicate effectively. Be determined and proactive, Knowing how to deal with a high level of demands. 


Mais informações

  • Tipo de Contrato: CLT
  • Home Office: Sim
  • Requer experiência: Sim

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