DW1233 - Data Integration Backend Developer

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DW1233 - Data Integration Backend Developer


Selecionamos para empresa de tecnologia da informação com sede em Kitchener / Canadá

Contratação: CLT ou PJ



About the area:

  • The role is On cloud-based Java & Python applications for data integration, to maintain & enhance and develop apps in AWS with Java & Python. Step function, AWS basic services (DynamoDB, S3, API Gateway, cloudwatch, cloud formation, ...) for apps development, Java and Python hand-on dev knowledge is required.
  • This new person will be working on Data Integration tools. He/She will be collaborating with the software engineering team + data engineering team. The role is to develop the necessary connectors on our ETL tool, make sure the connectivity with data sources is established, and collaborate with AWS Data Engineers to make sure the ingestion is being done smoothly. The person should be able to explain what these services are used for and show in explanation how these services were used in his developments and eg for integrating data.
  • They will be working all together to define the functionalities the ETL tool needs for all projects ingestions and will define the delivery sprints as a team. The best practices on software engineering will be communicated to him/her by the Software Engineering Managers. Our 2 ETL / Data Integration tools are in AWS, one in Java, and the other in Python/CDK.
  • If the person knows Java & Python but not AWS, he is not fit for the job. If the person knows AWS but not programing with Java AND Python he is not suitable either.  

Project's Length:

  • 8 months  


Mais informações

  • Tipo de Contrato:
  • Home Office: Sim
  • Requer experiência: Sim

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